Single synchronization

It is possible to have your appointments synced from OnlineAfspraken to your Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar. All appointments in your OnlineAfspraken calendar will then be imported into your Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar. This synchronization can be automatically performed at account level as well as at resource level. A resource can be an employee, a location or an instrument. We advise you to either only use single synchronization or only double synchronization. This prevents the import of double appointments in your OnlineAfspraken Calendar. Synchronization can be helpful if you wish to use one of the aforementioned external calendars as a back-up or if you do, or do not wish to have private appointments in your OnlineAfspraken calendar. With a single synchronization you are dependent on the moments/instances at which Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar syncs the data.  


To set up a single synchronization go to Settings > Synchronization > Synchronization. On this page you are also able to find more information about the synchronization. 

Two-way synchronization

It is also possible to use a double synchronization. All appointments in OnlineAfspraken will then be imported into a Google or Outlook Calendar. Furthermore, appointments in Google or Outlook will then be imported into OnlineAfspraken, so this functions as a two-way street. Once you activate the double synchronization, only appointments that were planned after the activation of this functionality will be synchronized. Appointments booked prior to the activation of the double synchronization will unfortunately not be synchronized. With a single synchronization, these prior appointments will be synced, but this may cause double appointments if you then proceed to activate the double synchronization afterwards. In short, there is no way to sync appointments prior to the activation of the double synchronization in case of that option. Data from OnlineAfspraken will be visible immediately. Data from Outlook or Google takes about 10 minutes to sync. 


To set up double synchronization, go to Settings > Synchronization > Two-way sync and then press the button "Enable synchronization for a resource".  

If you wish to disable a synchronization to your Google or Outlook calendar, you can do so via Settings > Synchronization. To disable a single synchronization press the "Disable synchronization" button under Settings > Synchronization > Synchronization. In case of a double synchronization, press the bin icon next to a specific resource's rule to disable it. Please note: We'd like to stress once again that it is important to never have single and two-way synchronization enabled simultaneously to prevent the double import of appointments. If you plan to use double synchronization, please be sure to disable the single synchronization.