Safety highly valuates security. We strictly comply with the law for the protection of personal information ('wet bescherming persoonsgegevens' in Dutch). If you wish we can conclude a processor agreement in which all the agreements are recorded concerning our handling of your data.

You can find the processor agreement here (in Dutch).

All messages are sent encrypted and every user works from an encrypted environment. You can recognize this by the SSL security certificates in the address bar of your browser. We work with dedicated servers that are continually making backups. Conform our privacy statement we only process data for purposes of an online agenda.

Data Loss

  • Duplicated hard drives
  • Daily automatic backup
  • Daily backups are sent to an extern backup server through a secured connection


  • Certified secured connection (https)
  • System with separate user rights (procuration). Rights can be set and protected by user, and their activities can be monitored.
  • Staff members sign a confidentiality statement and only expedient handling of data.
  • Conform our privacy statement we only process data for the purpose of an online appointment (we are not a marketing company and don't supply third parties).

Down time

  • Dedicated server
  • Lesser chance of DDOS attack
  • Security leaks of other website form no risk
  • Redundant
  • Overload of other websites is of no influence on the speed & stability of our system
  • SLA with mobile numbers to be able to report incidents as soon as possible (Platina)
  • All hardware (of server, network and data centre) that is used is of very high quality. This ensures a minimum uptime of 99,99%.
  • Data centre established in the Netherlands is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.