Schedule Appointments Efficiently

The most important functionalities for scheduling appointments:

Combination appointments
With combination agreements, appointments are scheduled that are composed out of several partial appointments. Practical for a beauty salon, for example, when a customer wants to book a massage in addition to a facial treatment. The reservation system automatically checks whether the combination is possible on the basis of the start time.

Complex appointments
When an appointment type depends on a combination of employees, materials or spaces, you can use the complex appointments function. Practical when, for example, you have five employees and have three rooms. The reservation system only shows the times that both a room and an employee are available.

Connecting appointments
You can indicate that appointments have to be connected. As soon as an appointment has been scheduled, only the timeslots that connect to it will be shown. You can set a time slot for this yourself.

Appointments over several days
The function multi-day appointments is useful for scheduling an appointment that lasts several days, to reserve a room for a long period, or for example when you travel.

Follow up appointments
You can set appointments that take place at the same time during a fixed period. Practical when, for example, the treatment of a patient is at the same time every week.