The idea behind is that the consumer finds it useful to be able to view and manage all his appointments with service providers centrally. To achieve this goal, we developed an API (Application Programming Interface) with which appointments can be sent centrally and collected on The service provider who wants his / her customers to make online appointments can also implement the service in his / her own website.

Who is this API for?
The API is intended for IT companies that want to make use of the appointment system of IT companies that already have their own agenda can quickly and securely accept appointments through the API via the internet. These appointments are placed in the existing agenda through the API and open timeslots can be released to get booked online. Your customers will continue to work with the current agenda.

By using the API your software can:
o Open up timeslots on the internet (visible both via the website and via your client's own website)
o Send appointment details to the online calendar
o Import data from new customers
o Synchronize the online calendar with the local calendar

Our system is applicable for both solo practices (single agenda and employee) and group practices (multiple agendas and employees, customer pairing, agenda pairing and appointment type coupling, etc.) and offers support for regular, intake and combination agreements. The API uses the REST protocol. offers two ways of participation
o Basic (one-way): your customer can pass on available appointment data automatically. These can be requested by consumers at The consumer can view his appointment details online 24/7. Consumers are reminded of their appointments by email and SMS.
o Advanced (two-way): your customer can automatically communicate available appointment data and times. Consumers can book an appointment directly on (New) customer and appointment details are added to your client's calendar application.

o In addition to the extra services and additional sales that you can offer your client, you can determine the rate for your customers for this expansion of your system for yourself.
o You save a lot of time and effort by not building your own online appointment system.
o Free coupling.

To use the API, you need a company account with You must build communication with the API yourself in your calendar system.

The use of the API is free. You must, however, agree to the terms of use in order to prevent misuse.