More revenue

Customers are able to plan an appointment, always and everywhere
Appointments can be planned 24/7 through your website, app or Facebook. Keep on working undisturbed, increase your customer loyalty and get more work done in the same time.

Prevent forgotten appointments
Less no-shows by the sending of an automatic appointment confirmation. The customer can save the appointment instantly in his electronic agenda. Optional is the sending of an appointment reminder.

Lower costs

Efficient agenda management
At just a glance you have an overview of all planned appointments. This also allows you to easily plan an appointment for the customer yourself.

Less phone traffic
Customers plan their own appointment online. This decreases the amount of appointment requests by telephone.

Tip: mention in your voicemail the possibility of instantly making an online appointment on your website, because you are not available by phone at the moment.

Always have an insight in your results
With the aid of the management information you can easily check on financial reports. For every product and service you can evaluate the results. Discover the opportunities for your business.

Satisfied customers

Available timeslots always visible for the customer
With the online appointment module, the customer is able to book an appointment straight away. The available timeslots and planned appointments are always there to glance over.

Personal Service
Automatically send your customers a personal appointment confirmation and appointment reminder. You can also easily send a personal email or newsletter with the integrated CRM system.