Customer Card

In the customer card you will find the following:

o Overview: important customer data, including contact details. In the customer registration form you can create additional fields yourself that have to be filled in by the customer.

o User account: here you can see the user's username, when it was last logged in and whether a password has been changed in the past.

o Notes: you can add notes and attachments yourself; think of a color chart, a copy passport, etc. Customers have no insight into the notes.

o Appointments: here you will find the appointment history and future appointments of the customer.

o Subscriptions: if your customer has purchased a subscription / strip card, you will find it here. The subscription can be adjusted here (e.g. inactivate, increase balance).

o Messages: all sent messages can be found here including: date, time, type of message, recipient and content of the message.

o Purchases: here you will find an overview of the purchases made by the customer.

o Discount coupons: here you will find an overview of the discount coupons / discount cards that the customer has or has used.