Less phone calls

Telephone traffic reduces dramatically when customers make their own appointments. This also results in fewer voicemail requests for call-backs. In the most successful cases telephone traffic drops by 70%.
Just calculate: if you receive say 200 phone calls a month for appointments, you could reduce this to 100 phone calls. That is a reduction of 100 phone calls * of an average of 2 minutes = more than 3.3 hours saving * at €20 hourly rate, which already yields a saving of €66 per month.

This proves that, with OnlineAfspraken, you will earn a lot of money every year!

A key success factor is to actively promote the online booking option to your customers. Announce in your voicemail that the customer can book an appointment directly online through your website, because you cannot pick up the phone right now. Customers find this to be a suitable solution and there is no need for you to call back.

Would you like fewer time-consuming phone calls to your company too?

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