Promote your "open calendar spaces"

Hours that are difficult to fill, every company has them. Through an automatic link with Google Adwords, you can bring these unoccupied spaces to the attention of a large audience, with a high probability these will still be filled.

For this, we have developed the Google Adwords Manager for you. In this way, you can manage your Google Adwords ad and also advertise your next empty space on the right side of the Google results page. Whether or not this is booked, the tool then takes the next empty space. This is a unique tool that you will not find with any other appointment system and that ensures that the last-minute filling of empty spaces will actually take place. You can adjust the amount that you want to spend per open calendar spot.

The Occupancy rate increased from 80% to 95%

Studentist, Amsterdam and Groningen
Our customer has stated that their occupancy rate increased from 80% to 95% by the regular placement of their hard-to-fill hours in an automatic ad.

Would you like your company to have full occupancy too?

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