Cancellation of direct debit

It is possible to let customers pay for a subscription through a direct debit. For various reasons it can happen that a cancellation occurs, for example due to insufficient balance at the customer. It is therefore important to maintain an overview.

You can find the collected collections in by going to Manage > Online Consumer Payments > Direct debit. In the column 'status' (see image below) you can see whether a payment 'pending' (collection has been submitted, waiting for the bank customer's answer), 'paid' (collection successful, will be paid to you next Monday) 'chargeback' (customer has reversed the payment or has an insufficient balance) or 'has already been paid out' (this amount has already been paid to you with the weekly or monthly payment).


What to do at a cancellation/blockage of a direct debit?

In the case of a reversal, no automatic action is taken from OnlineAppointments, because re-collection after a certain period is often not useful and does entail extra reversal costs. However, as a company you will receive a notification so that you can take action yourself.

You have 3 options for cancellation (see image), these are: 'close subscription' (in case you want to stop the customer's subscription based on the cancellation), 'try again' (for example if there was insufficient balance and you have heard from the customer that you can try again) and 'manually processed' (if you have arranged the payment in another way).

Note: in the event of cancellation/blockage, the costs are € 1.85. These costs are automatically settled with the payments to your company.

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