Placing the module on Wordpress or Wix

Our booking module can be integrated into the website using a HTML code.It is important that the code is recognized by your website as HTML. How this works differs per website system and is best checked with the supplier of your website. For Wordpress and Wix users, we show here how you can place the booking module.


In Wordpress, when you create a page at the top right you can switch between visual and text. To place the module you have to choose text option (see image). If you now put the code from in it and publish it, your website will recognize this as HTML.


Insert on Wix website
From the Wix editing mode, first select the correct page on which you want to add the booking module. Then click on the left side of the menu on + (Add), from the options you choose 'more' and here you select the option 'HTML iframe'.Now you can give the frame the desired size and if you click on 'add code' you can enter the built-in code from our system here (the code for the standard method or for alternative iFrame).