Cookie Policy

Intro makes use of cookies on our website. It is of great importance to us to safeguard your privacy and simultaneously be able to improve your user experience. We would like to kindly inform you of the details regarding our use of cookies. 

Cookies are small, simple text files that are temporarily stored on your computer or mobile device. These files offer us insight into the use of our website. They also provide a smooth user experience by remembering preferences, user names and passwords. However, these are solely linked to a computer or IP-address, not to the name of a company or service provider. The service provider (you and your company) is therefore untraceable. 

Provider and Consumer

It is possible to hardwire the settings of a web browser to automatically refuse cookies. We would like to kindly point out that this may cause the website to function suboptimal, also having an impact on its user experience. When a consumer (a consumer of the service provider, also referred to as the "end consumer") books an appointment through a website of a service provider that utilizes OnlineAfspraken, OnlineAfspraken will register that visit through the use of cookies. In this specific case, these are cookies for the system to be able to remember the necessary steps to making an appointment. The information that is gathered through the cookies is once again only linked to a computer or IP-address, not to a specific end consumer. It is therefore not possible to track an end consumer's identity through the use of these cookies. An end consumer is also able to set their browser to automatically refuse cookies, this may however result in difficulties during the booking process and therefore provide a suboptimal user experience. 

Types of cookies utilizes two different types of cookies.

Functional/Necessary cookies: These cookies enable the website to function in an optimal manner. It is able to save preferences and user details. These cookies are solely gathered by 

Analytical cookies: These cookies enable us to gather insight in statistics regarding the use of our website by its visitors. These cookies are gathered with the help of third parties - in this case: Google Analytics and Google Ads. These cookies enable us to constantly keep improving our services and user experience. 

Google Ads and Google Analytics
As mentioned above, we make us of Google Ads as well as Google Analytics to further optimalize the user experience of our website. We think it's important that you are aware of Google's Privacy Policy and how long they store cookies and data.

Please refer to Google's Privacy Policy below:

Lees hier meer over het gebruik van cookies via Google Ads:

Google does not share information or data with third parties.

Through Google Analytics, we measure how our website is used. For example, we are able to gain insight in how long a visitor stays on the website and where they click. This insight subsequently enables us to implement improvements to the website. For Google Analytics, we store data for a maximum of 14 months. 

Through Google Ads, we measure how you came to our website. For example, this might be through a search engine advertisement. For Google Ads, we store data for a maximum of 30 days. 



  • Saving your preferences. For example: If you've selected a specific branch on our website, this will be remembered. 
  • The possibility to save your user details, making it easier to log in without having to fill them in each time your log in. 
  • Optimalization of the use of the booking widget. This smoothens the booking process by end consumers on service providers' websites where the booking widget is integrated. 


  • The IP-address is gathered and directly anonimized. 
  • The type of device used to visit our website is gathered. This can be a computer, mobile browser or tablet. 
  • It is measured which page led you to our website (e.g. a Google Search Ad) or other advertisement campaign. 
  • When and for how long you visit our website.
  • Which pages you visit and where you click on the website. How many times you click is also measured. 

These cookies are primarily used to gain insight in the website's visitor numbers, how long they spend on the website, how effective our advertisement campaigns are and in what order you visit our website's pages. 

Important: These analytical cookies are solely used for insight on our own website These cookies are not used when an end consumer books an appointment through a service provider's website. 

Do you have any further questions or comments regarding our cookie policy? Please do not hesitate to contact us through 

We also have our own privacy policy ( and general terms (