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Welcome to the OnlineAfspraken.nl software manual page. In this guide I will take you through the online appointment country. The manual offers support in setting up and changing settings within your OnlineAfspraken.nl agenda. A number of important functions within the software are explained below.

Download our manual by clicking the image below (the manual is in Dutch): 

Our online agenda software is more than just an agenda in which your customers can make appointments online. You can also use the software for customer management, marketing purposes and management information. In addition, it is possible to use the cash register that ensures that you can immediately register paid products and services for the customer. It is also possible to use our Beheer app, which is helpful for an employee on the go to view or schedule appointments.

To quickly find out how OnlineAfspraken.nl works, the following topics will be briefly explained:

- How do I quickly set up an online agenda at OnlineAfspraken.nl?

- Do I need the cash register add-on?

- What is the use of an OnlineAfspraken.nl app?



How do I quickly set-up an account with OnlineAfspraken.nl?

When setting up your account at OnlineAfspraken.nl, the concept of "availability" is essential. We regularly hear from customers that certain appointments are not displayed in the online agenda on their website. Nine out of ten times this has to do with the availability that is set incorrectly. However, before you can set the availability, you first have to look at two other essential factors within OnlineAfspraken.nl. These factors are the appointment type and the resource.

A resource is an employee, room or device. In other words, a resource is what you create an agenda for. At a barber shop, for example, this is an agenda per employee, but at a massage parlor, this could be the treatment room. After you have started a trial account, you can immediately enter a fixed schedule for the relevant resource in the start-up wizard. If you work with changing availability (every week different working-hours), you can first leave this timetable empty and add it later under Manage > Setting blocks by clicking 'Add available block'.

You can link one or more resources per appointment type. If multiple resources can execute an appointment type, you can select them all. Think again of a hairdresser where multiple resources (employees) can, for example, execute the appointment type "haircut for men".

When going to Settings > Extra functionality you can activate free plugins that may be useful when setting up your account. For example, if multiple resources are required at the same time to execute an appointment type, you can use the plugin "Complex appointment types".


Do I need the cash register add-on?

The cash register is a separate product from OnlineAfspraken.nl that can be added to your account. So it's up to you to determine if you need it. A number of functions that the cash register offers extra compared to the software itself are direct payment of products and services, adding automatic discounts and discount codes, creating gift cards and preparing and sending invoices and quotations. You could also use the cash register as a stock system of individual products that you can add to the appointment widget so that customers can purchase products directly when booking.

The cash register costs € 8.25 per month (payment is € 99 excl. VAT per year).


What is an OnlineAfspraken.nl app useful for?

OnlineAfspraken.nl offers two different apps. An app for you and your employees and an app for your customers. The app for you and your employees is the management app of OnlineAfspraken.nl. You can download it here for free (it's only available in Dutch): https://onlineafspraken.nl/nl_NL/product/beheer-app.

The Beheer app gives you and your employees the opportunity to easily view appointments, book appointments and edit appointments via your smartphone. Different rights can be set per user within your account at OnlineAfspraken.nl, which also apply within the app. This allows you to ensure for example that your employees can only view their (own) appointments, but cannot plan new appointments or make changes.

The app for your customers is the consumer app. This app can be built for your customers for a fee by OnineAfspraken.nl. As with the management app, users with an Android phone can find your app in the Google Playstore and users with an iPhone can add your app to their home screen via a download link. Your logo + company name will be displayed on the home screen and in the Google Playstore. Your regular customers can thus easily make appointments with you and see their current appointment.

The consumer app costs € 6.50 per month (payment is € 79 excl. VAT per year).

If you have any questions or comments about our software based on the information above or in the manual, you can always email us at info@onlineafspraken.nl. In addition, we can be reached by telephone on working days between 9:00 and 17:00 on 030-2412042. You can also reach us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/OnlineAfspraken.

Download the manual by clicking the image below: