Significant features and advantages

Solo Groei Pro Platinum
Always worldwide access to your agenda. Unlimited amount of users and automatically generated back-ups. Cloud-based agenda
Subscriptions expire automatically, unless you renew them manually. No contract  
Every appointment is processed real-time in your agenda, so this is always up-to-date. 

 Realtime 24/7
Within 1 minute you can integrate the bookingswidget in your website, entirely in your own ‘look and feel’. Of course you can use the bookingswidget for all your online channels, like e-mail (newsletter), Twitter, Facebook and discount websites. 

 Appointments through your website, Facebook etc.
like; duration of the appointment, for how long in advance a customer can make an appointment and is allowed to cancel an appointment, if it’s only possible to book online or for internal use only, to add images or descriptions, etc. Appointment types fully configurable
All scedules can easily be customized, for both regular days and irregularly days. Every employee can be linked to its own grid or, if desired, by individual appointment type. Manage availability and grids (per employee)
Both the bookingswidget and your account are available in; Dutch, English, French and German. Multilingual
Quickly schedule and modify appointments, for example with ‘drag and drop’ features. The agenda can be set to your preferences (time interval, day/week view, employee overview, list view, filtering (for example) by appointment type and/or employee. Userfriendly calendar
You receive a notification by email and/or textmessage of all the bookings and/or cancellations made by customers. Appointment notification by email and / or SMS
Customers automatically receive an appointment corfirmation and/or reminder by email and/or text message when making an appointment. This is a standard message that you can customize to your own ‘look and feel’. You can also send an .ics file so your client can place the appointment directly in his or her own agenda. Automatic appointment confirmation and -reminder (email and SMS)
The online agenda operates on all devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Our service works on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer (version 9) and all operating systems such as Apple, Windows and Linux. Works on all mobile devices, browsers and operating systems
A customer database with all data and appointments per customer. You can edit and export to popular formats such as Excel, CSV and XML. Comprehensive CRM tool
IOS and Android app for each employee, to easily manage the agenda on their mobile devices. For scheduling new appointments, modify appointments and display customer information. Management App
All messages are encrypted and each user works from an encrypted environment. You can recognize this by the SSL security certificates in the address bar of your browser. We work with dedicated servers that make continuous automatic backups. In accordance with our privacy policy, we only process data for the purpose of an online appointment. Secure connections and storage
Single synchronisation is possibly from to Outlook, iCal (Apple) and Google Agenda. A double synchronisation is possible with Google Agenda and Outlook 365. Synchronization with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, etc.
Fully configurable data which the customer (obligatory) has to fill in when making an appointment. Here you can also choose different types of display (such as text, drop-down menu, checkbox, selection and numeric field). Determine your customer information
Your customers can directly pay via iDeal when making an appointment. This option is very easy to set up. Your online agenda gives you an overview of all customers who have paid online with the corresponding amounts. The funds come in at a third-party account of BV. Every week we will book your sales over to your account. For every iDeal payment € 0,50 will be charged. Checkout online using iDEAL
This information you can print or export directly to (for example) Excel. Here you can filter by employee, a specific customer, appointment type, date, time, etc. Management reports
The consumer can get access to his/her own account with a personal login. Here a personal agenda shows future and past appointments, gives the opportunity to cancel an appointment, change the password and get an overview of the ticket scripts and subscriptions and its balances. Consumer userinterface
We work with dedicated servers that run continuous automatic back-ups. Because of the cloud software, you always work with the latest software and your data is automatically protected. It is also possible to make an extra back-up by automatically synchronise the system to a free Google Agenda. Auto backup
Export all your appointments and customers to the known formats such as Excel, CSV and XML. You can also import your current customer base in It’s also possible to import your appointments from another digital agenda to the agenda of Import / export customers / agreements to Excel, CSV, etc.
Send your customers an automatically generated text message on their birthday. You can easily adjust the text by yourself. Birthday sms
Select a customer(group) and easily send this customer(group) a newsletter or text message. Send messages via email and sms
Set up free days and holidays by resource/employee or for the whole company at once. Enter holidays and days

Advanced functions

Solo Groei Pro Platinum
Set a limit for the number of appointments by appointment type per day, week or month. For example: If an event type is available from 9:00 to 17:00, but you want to have up to three appointments a day of this type of arrangement, the booking widget will no longer show available times if there are already three appointments of this type are made, even if there is still availability in terms of time. Max. number of appointments by appointment type
Is used to set a limit on the amount of appointments for one resource a day, week or month. For example: a restaurant where 1 couvert can be booked per table per day. Max. number of appointments by resource
With this feature you avoid gaps in your agenda. Connecting appointments
Appointments that occur during a fixed period at a fixed time can be booked in the backend by the company. Repeating appointments
Voeg de losse afspraaktypen samen tot een combinatie afspraaktype. Voorbeeld: De klant kan in 1 reservering een arrangement boeken dat bestaat uit een knipbehandeling (uitgevoerd door medewerker 1) een massage (medewerker 2) en een pedicure (medewerker 2). Of een samengestelde afspraak wassen/verven/knippen bij de kapper, waar de medewerker gedurende de tijd van het verven beschikbaar is om iemand anders te knippen. Combination appointments
You can determine yourself which times are shown. Divergent booking times
You can allow your customers to book for a group with just one booking. Booking for multiple persons (workshop)
You can create various discount codes which may be provided to customers Discount code (in combination with POS)
Create gift cards. Customers can cash the gift cards both online as in your office. Also pre-existing gift cards can handled Gift cards (in combination with POS)
Various price breaks. Both opening times as the number of persons Advanced pricing tiers (in combination with POS)
You can set a capacity for appointments with multiple people at the same time. Capacity appointment types, such as courses and group lessons
Link your account to E-Boekhouden or Exact Online, so that invoices are automatically forwarded (as mutation or invoice). Bookkeeping-integration
Integrate the booking module to Analytics, Tag Manager and/or Adwords for insights. Google-options (UA, GTM, AW)
Use our video-integration with Zoom for grouplessons, workshops and/or 1-on-1 meetings. Zoom-integration
For example an appointment where an employee but also a specific space is needed. Or a reservation for 8 persons in a restaurant, where there are several possibilities in a stock of tables for 2 and tables for 4 persons. Complex appointments with dependencies  
You can create savers passes or subscriptions. Subscriptions  
If you use subscriptions, a payment for every periode can be automatically collected. Automatic collection  
For example bookings with an overnight stay, the rent of an object for a week, a sailing course for a week etc. Booking that takes (several) days  
At a general medical practice, the assistant can adjust the status so the doctor sees the patient is in the waiting room. Status by appointment (waiting room function)  
For each employee you can create a different login and you can specify which rights of use every employee has. For example you can set which customers they may see, but also what menu items are or are not visible. There are a lot of possibilities. You can also indicate whether this person can create, view, change, or delete each item. These rights are also implemented in the management app, every personal trainer can only see their own agenda on his smartphone. Create separate user accounts and set permissions  
By appointment type, it is possible to send another appointment confirmation, reminder or cancellation. Different mail-templates per appointmenttype   
The customerfields can be related to the appointment types, so that for each appointment type different questions can be asked. Variable customerfields   
By appointment type, there may be other attachments (PDF, PNG) be included in the confirmation. Different attachments per appointmenttype   
When making an appointment you can ask the customer (compulsory or optional) to upload files that are relevant to the appointment. Customers can upload files   
A report in which you can see for each employee / appointment type how often and how many hours availability and appointments there are in a certain period Availability report   
A connection that automatically transfers all new mail addresses to Mailchimp (with a number of optional appointment fields) Mailchimp connection   

Customization / Personal 'Look and feel'

Solo Groei Pro Platinum
U kunt per afspraaktype een aparte boekingswidget creeren (waardoor alleen deze specifieke selectie kan worden geboekt en niet uw gehele aanbod) Voorbeeld: u wilt een specifieke workshop promoten; maak een aparte boekingswidget voor deze workshop en plaats op de 'Home' van uw website en verstuur de link in een nieuwsbrief. Of creer achter iedere behandeling op een prijslijst een mogelijkheid om specifiek voor die behandeling direkt een afspraak te maken. Separate booking widget by appointment type
Place the HTML code in your website and the bookingswidget is displayed within your own website (and therefore doesn’t have to open in another window). Bookings Widget for bookings within your website
Customers can sign in with their Facebook or Google account, so that they don't need a username and password. Facebook and Google login
You can also display the bookings widget as schedule, in several steps (horizontal and vertical) with pictures of appointment types and staff. You can also set the widget in different colours, including the colours of your company branding. Advanced 'look and feel'
You can create a widget only for a certain resource, so that only the options for that resource are displayed. Separate booking widget by resource  
With the API function you can link systems to automatically exchange information. API access   


Solo Groei Pro Platinum
There are no English instruction videos. If you want to see the Dutch video’s, open the Dutch website, go to Hoe werkt het > Instructievideos. ( Instructional videos
For any questions and/or comments please contact us by email: Email support
The " Groep" is specially made for our customers, so that questions can be asked here and information (even among the businesses) shared. Facebook group ( Groep)
From our website you can chat with us. We are available on working days (Monday-Friday 09:00- 17:00). Chat
We can be of service by telephone on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00. Outside these hours you can leave a voicemail or send an email. Tel. 030-2412042 or Telephone support
We will process your request within 24 hours, whether this is by email, chat, telephone or Facebook. 24-hour service
Within workdays (Mo-Fr from 09:00 - 17:00) Within 2 hours response on working days  
Fixed point of contact you can always call, including mobile number. Dedicated accountmanager    
Agreements and mutual obligations are recorded. Herein the level of service, escalation etc. is precisely described. Service level agreement    


Solo Groei Pro Platinum
Directly pay for an appointment when making the appointment. Also possible to pay individual products. Send invoice as PDF to your customer. POS / Inventory System € 119 p.j.€ 119 p.j.€ 119 p.j.€ 119 p.j.
Your own app customized with your company name and logo, so customers can easily make an appointment with their smartphone or tablet. They can also see in this app when they have an appointment and what kind of appointment they have. Including an IOS (webapp) and Android app. You also receive a script/link you can embed in your website, so customers see a widget where they can download the app. App package for customers € 99 p.j.€ 99 p.j.€ 99 p.j.€ 99 p.j.
You can use text messages to send to your customer (for example an appointment confirmation and/or reminder, birthdaymessage etc). But also to send it to yourself and/or your employees (for example an appointment notification or cancellation). The costs per text message depend on the decreased beam size. SMS 12 ct t/m 15 ct per sms12 ct t/m 15 ct per sms12 ct t/m 15 ct per sms12 ct t/m 15 ct per sms
We can also set your account as you wish, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself. It’s also possible that we give you and/or your employees a training how to use the system. Costs are €70,- per hour. Set-up / Training € 80 p.u.€ 80 p.u.€ 80 p.u.€ 80 p.u.
Your customers can directly pay via iDeal or BanContact when making an appointment. The transactions directly enter your own Mollie account. The transaction costs are automatically kept in. For every iDeal payment € 0,50 will be charged and for BanContact 1,-.. iDEAL / BanContact € 0,50 / € 1 per betaling€ 0,50 / € 1 per betaling€ 0,50 / € 1 per betaling€ 0,50 / € 1 per betaling
Your customers can directly pay via Creditcard and Sofort when making an appointment. For every online payment €1 and a percentage of the transaction amount will automatically be charged. Creditcard and Sofort € 1 + percentage transactie€ 1 + percentage transactie€ 1 + percentage transactie€ 1 + percentage transactie
It’s possible to develop a personal subdomain. Advantages are that you have your own admin tool, which lets you access all created accounts. You can also change all texts as desired. Even the logo and colors of the backend agenda can be adjusted. It’s also possible to redirect to your own website when logged out. A subdomain is being used by resellers and chains with multiple locations/agenda’s. Own domain (White Label) € 500 (eenmalig)€ 500 (eenmalig)€ 500 (eenmalig)€ 500 (eenmalig)

*   bovenstaande prijzen zijn excl. btw, per maand en gebaseerd op een jaarlijkse betaling (het is ook mogelijk per kwartaal te betalen).